We help Women and Teens
Be Unstoppable in Their Destiny
through Truth & Fitness


Are you not sure of who you truly are?
Do you struggle with consistency?
Are you looking to make new friends?
Do you want to boost your confidence?
Do you want to be stronger mentally, spiritually, physically?


We'll help you to
Align your Mind, Body, and Spirit with the words you use everyday.


- Certified Coach
- 4+ Years Industry Expereince
- Sessions Increase Peace, Calm and Flexibility



We Offer . . .

Ignyte Global Body Movement

Workouts are designed to stretch your muscles and faith. We care about the whole body as one.

Our program teaches an alternative to yoga that combines Stretching, Cardio, Pilates and Powerful Declarations. We’re passionate about supporting one another to overcome physical and emotional obstacles. There are in person studios, 1:1 sessions and prenatal packages available.


Walk & Talk Women’s Meet

Fresh air and being in nature increases mental clarity and betters our breathing.

Every week we meet in Lawrenceville for a Ladies Only Walk and Talk. This is a safe space for us to take some much needed “Me Time”.

Proud Member of GirlTrek.
Feel Free to bring the dog.

“Cut the Junk” Study Group

We fill our lives with so much noise and clutter it is east to get distracted from what we are really suppose to be focused on.

This study group is to help us recognize the junk we take in through the food we eat, the TV we watch, what we’re listening to and the words we use. They all play a pivotal role on our mindset and how we are motivated each day.


Private Community

Join us on Facebook for Everyday Encouragement and Tips.

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Hey! Melinda Here!

Just your regular wife, aunt, sister, friend and avid volunteer with a mile long list of experiences no parent ever wants their child to learn and some that totally veered me off track from my true calling. But Hey! We live. We learn. Then we help others!

Because of my choices, options for family, husband, and career were starting to slim. There were times I wasn’t sure if I would get any of those things. To protect myself, I would sometimes pretend not to want them, but deep down I know I did. It was just easier to reject the idea instead of having the choice taken from me.

One day, I was in my room praying on a decision, should I start this venture? Or should I look for something else to help my clients? As clear as day, I heard in my spirit, “This is how I will redeem your body back to Me.” With tears rolling down my face I knew we weren’t just talking about my physical body (I mean that definitely needed to be redeemed to), but we were talking about my Whole Body! Mind and Spirit included! I was so polluted from the lifestyle I lived, the people I hung around, what I was watching and listening to, that I could no longer remember or even believe what I was destined to do! Years wasted following the crowd instead of the truth of who I am.

There’s this fire in my bones to help every woman and teen have a mindset shift of their own based on the truth. Not what our culture has decided for us, but God’s Honest Truth. Ignyte Global Body Movement is the tool to get your mind, body and spirit aligned with that truth so you are empowered to make real changes for you and your family. Life is way to short to spend days confused or unclear.

Everyone is at different places in their journey. There’s no rush and there’s definitely no judgement. I want you to know, here, you are respected and honored. I’m so excited to help guide you to discover yourself through God’s heart.

Learn more about Melinda here.

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