About Me

Hey! Melinda Perez here! Just your regular wife, aunt, sister, friend, avid volunteer and TRUTH & Fitness Instructor from New Jersey and New York. I lived between the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge, so for me the two are interchangeable. 5-6 days a week I was traveling through NYC, but now Georgia is my home sweet home. I love to indulge in comedies, dark chocolate and cooking at home with our pet chihuahua, Taco.

I’ll be honest to say I made tons of mistakes growing up,

some I wish I could forget, but ultimately they all led me to where I’m at today. Looking back I can see how overcoming my experiences with drugs and boys, the confusion behind decisions and troubles in my marriage shaped my story to help empower you now.

I truly believed getting sober, changing some habits and incorporating yoga were the only things needed to live a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t realize old mindsets lingered. There were inner battles I was told were normal, because well… “everybody struggles” and “no one really changes”, but these old thinking patterns could’ve easily brought me to a life I didn’t want to turn back to! and These saying are plain out lies.

Yoga, even though my body felt good, was not helping to better my mental health (you might want to see It’s Not Yoga).

I could understand why some people fall into cycles and why it seems almost impossible to completely break free. I lived in that space for a long time thinking that’s just how it is…

Let’s fast forward to 2015, having started a journey in health and wellness, I wanted to make a bigger impact on people’s lives, unsure of what that would be, my search brought me to discover Ignyte Global Body Movement.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. We can make better choices.

Speaking specific and strategic affirmations over myself, straight from God’s promises, released a power I didn’t even know was within my grasp! Every day I put on the Armor of God through a series of vigorous stretches.

Man! Oh, Man! How’d it prepared me to better handle the day’s fight ahead. I’ve been to avoid situations that would’ve normally caused division and strife within my relationships.

Everyday I declare I’m a Conqueror and grounded in Christ, that I’m not easily broken and will humbly surrender to God’s will. Doing cardio and Pilates movements while reciting these truths empower to move pass physical limitations and alleviate discomforts in my back and legs. Each day I become stronger both in Spirit and in Body!

My passion is to help women and teens find the truth of who they are in Christ. Guide them reset their minds and strengthen their bodies to make the changes needed for a successful and fulfilled life. Once you know the truth of who God made you to be, there is no stopping you.

Follow the Truth, Not the Crowd.