4 Best Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

Photo Cred: www.instagram.com/luicooper

Photo Cred: www.instagram.com/luicooper

We can agree your body does need breaks from working out to recover. 1- 3 days a week or even a full week if you’re training hard.

BUT we can also agree that if those breaks are too long, it’s harder to get back into the swing of things.

“A body at rest wants to stay at rest.”

I love you too much to see you self sabotage your goals! Taking the Summer Off to indulge is a Set Up!! “I’ll start again in September” is an excuse to push back ‘til January.

Who are you fooling! Here are your…

My Best 4 Tips to Stay Fit This Summer

1. Drink More Water. Not any water. Alkaline Water. That garbage supermarket water is not doing anything for your body. You want water with a higher PH Balance so it's better absorbed (We’re going to talk more about this at the end of the month). Essentia, Icelandic, Smart Water brands will be your best friend.

The rule is at least half your body weight in water. 100 lbs = 50 oz. But the goal is as close to a gallon a day as possible. With this heat, it shouldn’t be a problem!

2. No Sugar, Bad Carbs (rice, bread, beans, white potatoes, etc) on and before beach days. These foods will bloat you! We ain't having that!

3. Continue your workout routine. I know it's hot. Move the workout inside or move the time to early morning or later in evening when the sun is not so high in the sky. Don’t have a routine?? It’s not to late to join our 30 Day Challenge. Details are in the Private FB Grp. Or you take an Ignyte global Body Movement class. Pre-Registration for Online Sessions are Open!

Get Creative! Pool workouts do count! If you do them right! Stay with us during the Summer to learn more.

4. Get an accountability partner. Someone who will smack the milkshake out of your hand! Who will help you make (and eat!) healthier snacks. Here's an easy fruit smoothie bar recipe from my IG account.

Got a tip you want to share? Leave it in the comments section.