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I’m taking my experiences and using it to help young women, just like you, get grounded in truth so you can have the courage to resist temptation, own your worth and begin walking out your God given purpose.  

Life is too short to be confused on important choices, Choices that could forever change how you view yourself and cloud what God has in store for you. Trust me, You want what He has for You. His plans are perfect and will exceed every dream you could possibly think up. So I am here standing in front of you - willing to be raw, transparent, honest, willing to say all the things I wish were told to me no matter how ugly. Because most importantly I’m here to listen to you. Without judgement. Because I know how much of a difference that would have made for me.

Is there something you want to talk about? Maybe a question you are not sure who to ask? You have got a friend right here. I would love to know what’s on your mind.